Naturally formulated boosts. Built by nature, science, and technology.

Nature at its best

We believe in synergies and combine the best of nature, science and technology in innovative formulations. That's why, in addition to the world's most effective active agents, we also use state-of-the-art technologies that enable us, for example, to split every single cell of the entire plant.

Nature always remains our greatest source of inspiration and we imitate it. For example, with the structure of our formulations (biomimetic), we imitate the lamellar structure of our skin, which makes it much easier for each active agent to get exactly where it is supposed to work. And our ingredients are characterized by a high level of effectiveness with maximum compatibility even for the most sensitive skin.

This concept also optimally protects and supports your skin microbiome - an essential part of your natural skin barrier. Restricted or lost functions are revived. In this way, our products not only preserve the natural beauty of your skin, but also continuously improve it with every application.

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State-of-the-art formulas

It takes a lot of research and testing to create the best products, based only on ingredients that are safe for health, and really effective at the same time. Founder Alexandra Slendebroek was convinced that natural cosmetics can also achieve deep beauty effects. Inspired by the possibilities of modern dermatology, we develop highly effective formulas for each product together with dermatologists and beauty experts. Determined and uncompromising in order to fully exploit the performance potential of modern natural cosmetics.

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- Xenobia Bailey

Funk is the unending cycle of life

B FNKY is more than just a name. We are "Naturally Energizing". Invigorating, radiant, vibrating and powerful. Like a kiss, a workout, a compliment, or a feeling. B FNKY was developed for people who are brave and authentic and consciously enjoy life to the fullest and whose skin care adapts perfectly to this lifestyle.

Our promise

From content to packaging - we make sure that our products are manufactured under the fairest conditions and as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, this also means that our containers are free of microplastics.

We respect every living being and therefore say no to animal testing or ingredients of animal origin. Our vegan products have also been certified by PETA for this.

Only the purest, health-safe and most effective ingredients from all over the world, whose effectiveness has been confirmed in studies, make it into our products in the optimal concentration. They are manufactured under the highest quality standards "Made in Germany" and have been awarded with the internationally renowned Ecocert seal of quality. 


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